Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brewers to sign Alex Gonzalez

Word is from Ken Rosenthal that the Brewers will sign SS Alex Gonzalez to a one year deal with a vesting option.

Alex spent last year with the Braves and hit .241/.270/.372 with 15 home runs in 593 plate appearances. He is considered to be an above average fielder.

This will end the fear that Betancourt will return. Now... to sign a 3b...


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  2. Interesting to look back on this now compared to the signing they just completed of him. I run a baseball blog also ( and am very interested in how the economics of the situation changed in the comparison of years. I wonder how much playing time Alex will get this year coming off the bench - I guess it depends largely on if Rickie Weeks gets hurt or if Jean Segura lives up to an acceptable level of hitting.


    (Sorry for the double comment post, had a typo that bothered me)